Landscape Painting Donated to Sunnybrook Hospital

joyful art; original painting; Denise Gracias

Serene Seashore donated to Sunnybrook Hospital 



joyful art; original paintingjoyful art; original painting


In 2021, an artist friend asked if I would be interested in doing a painting on a ceiling tile for Sunnybrook Hospital. I found it an odd request until I learned patients could view the paintings as they were being wheeled through the hospital.  It took me a moment to say “yes”. 

The ceiling tile was 2 by 4 feet, a size I have worked on a few times.  I wondered what I would like to see if I were being wheeled to an operation….and immediately thought how the seashore (any seashore) gives me a sense of peace and joy. I found a photo of the seashore of Galilee (in the Holy Land).  Although this is the actual body of water along with and on, He Walked, it is not relevant. It is a seashore and I wanted the viewer to imagine themselves walking along it.  

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