Monthly Art Bible Study

Monthly Art Bible Study; Joyful art; Denise Gracias

Monthly Art Bible Study; Joyful art; Denise Gracias





Monthly Art Bible Study – Artist Denise Gracias shares thoughts on her Original Painting


On a Sunday summer evening, I joined friends at The Religious Academy via Zoom.  I shared the inspiration behind the painting, and how I arrived at the decisions I made.  This painting is 30″x 40″ x 1.5″ (gallery wrapped -sides painted). I embroidered with thread, the gown, flooring, etc.  

Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation

The woman of ill repute had the courage to boldly walk into a stranger’s home and enter a room filled with men, when this was frowned upon.  Without a thought to herself, she threw herself at the mercy of the only One she believed could help her. She humbled herself publicly. In return, the Lord embraced her, offering mercy and love, while the others condemned her publicly, and Jesus, privately. 

Please note that this painting has a very interesting history.  I pierced it by accident while transporting it in my car.  Though I knew how to repair a tear in a canvas (without it being seen in the front), I wanted it to be part of the history.  So, I opted to “forgive” the “sin” with needle and thread, by sewing it up.  This led me to “embroider the woman’s clothing, the table cloth, and the some of the floor.  A task I enjoyed. 

If you would like more information on this painting or other paintings by this artist, go to Biblical Art

Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation; Joyful art; Denise Gracias
Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation by Denise Gracias

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