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Ocean of Mercy; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias

Two Biblical Paintings Featured in Christ Salon

Gethsemane; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Gethsemane by Denise Gracias
Ocean of Mercy; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Ocean of Mercy by Denise Gracias

“Gethsemane” and “Ocean of Mercy” were featured in the Christ Salon sponsored by The Religious Academy






“Gethsemane” depicts Christ’s Great Sorrow and Suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The Apostles, Peter, James and John are asleep nearby, too sleepy and weary to pray and console the Lord.  An angel brings comfort and consolation.

“Ocean of Mercy” depicts the absolute chaos, turmoil, and instability that was experienced after the Death of Christ.  Mary, His Mother, is behind Him.  Her hands are unseen as truly, she felt unified with her Son in His Crucifixion.  St. John lays his head on Christ’s right breast, just as he did at the Last Supper, less than 24 hours before. St. Mary Magdalene is at His Feet, clinging to Him. 

For more information on these paintings or other similar paintings by this artist, go to Biblical Art


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