“Early Start” Receives Special Merit

Joyful art; original painting; Denise Gracias

AGS Awards “Early Start” Special Merit

What is the Art Guild of Scarborough?

Joyful art; original painting; Denise Gracias
Early Start by Denise Gracias

I learned about the Art Guild of Scarborough at Cedar Ridge Creative Arts Centre  . Many artists were members and talked about shows in Scarborough. I was interested  but the waiting list was very long.  So, I did not bother to inquire.  However, one day I thought , “what the heck” and sent an email asking for membership. I was promptly told that my name was added to “the list”.  I was pleasantly surprised when not years, but three months later I was given the chance to join. Membership cost $90 per year and included weekly meetings where artists do demonstrations, have work critiqued, etc. 

My First Jurying Night

I lugged 4 large heavy paintings to the first jurying evening. Artists rushed around trying to find a spot against the walls of the large room.  Hours later, we would return to see the verdict. A painting facing us was accepted and given the honour of an “Arthur” Stamp on the back. This would mean the paintings can be included in the art shows.  Paintings facing the wall were rejected. I was nervous. but thrilled when I returned to see that three of my four landscapes were accepted. “Early Start”,   given  a Special Merit stamp as well.  As a  self-taught artist, who struggles with confidence, this was an unexpected blessing.  

A Supportive Creative Group

You may think that the atmosphere is pretty cut throat, as artists want their paintings to get the best spot and of course to be chosen. However, I found it very warm and supportive. A lovely young woman who came with her mother (both artists), helped me carry my paintings up.  My Special Merit award was met with hugs and congratulations.  I look forward to growing with this group of local artists.  Already, I know so many people and have met so many artists in a variety of genres.

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