Cedar Ridge Members Christmas Show/Market


Joyful art; original painting; Denise Gracias
Joseph’s Dreams by Denise Gracias

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Christmas Show and Market

Joyful art, original painting, Denise Gracias
Contagious Joy by Denise Gracias


After two years, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre has resumed their annual Christmas Show and Market.  In the past, every room was filled with vendors selling arts, crafts, jewelry, food etc.  It was always a very enjoyable experience for the vendors and the visitors.  This year, the market is limited to just the downstairs.  I will be there with the Uhill Christian Calendar that features my painting “Joseph’s Dreams”.  It will be wonderful to have the actual painting behind me (in the exhibition).

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Greeting Cards; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Greeting Cards by Denise Gracias


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Do You Have Room for Christmas; Joyful art; Denise Gracias
Do You Have Time for Christmas? by Denise Gracias
Woman of Sorrows; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Woman of Sorrows by Denise Gracias


Unto Us a Child Is Born; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Unto Us A Child Is Born by Denise Gracias


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