“Fall On Your Knees” Wins Award

Fall On Your Knees; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Fall On Your Knees by Denise Gracias wins Honourable Mention in the ArtGallery Open Exhibition 2019



“Fall On Your Knees” Awarded “Honourable Mention” in the Gallery Ring “Open” Exhibition

Honourable Mention; Joyful Art; Denise Gracias
Honourable Mention Certificate – “Fall On Your Knees” by Denise Gracias

September 2019

I was thrilled that three of my Biblical Paintings were juried into the Gallery Ring’s “Open” Exhibition this September.  “Fall On Your Knees” won an Honourable Mention, the first award for my Biblical paintings…and a huge honour. In addition, “Silent Night Holy Night” and “Compassion Confronts Contrition and Condemnation” were finalists in this exhibition.


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Child Labour Exhibition

Unlicensed, Uninsured and Unprotected; Joyful Art; Denise GraciasAn Exploration of Child Labour Through Visual Arts Exhibit and Public Lecture

Blood Bangles at Bond Hotel
Blood Bangles by Denise Gracias on display at the Bond Hotel, Toronto, ON


Place: Bond Hotel, Toronto, ON  Bond Hotel – Toronto

Date:  20-21/Sep/19


As part of its 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the School of Child & Youth Care at Ryerson University, in partnership with Pakistani-Canadian artist Sabahat Anis, and the John C. Eaton Chair of Social Innovation in the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University presents:

An Exploration of Child Labour Through Visual Arts  Exhibit and Public Lecture



This event features an exhibit of visual art exploring child labour through various lenses. The art is curated from artists representing many countries around the world and provides for humanist, political, cultural and social perspectives on the global issue of child labour. A public lecture by one of the most prolific child rights scholars and activists, Dr. Tara Collins from the School of Child & Youth Care, will provide context for the exhibit.


It was truly fulfilling to participate in this exhibition. I worked all summer on two paintings that were displayed in the exhibition. 

“Blood Bangles” was inspired by watching documentaries on the little children in India who work every day for several hours in inadequate conditions, on jewelry, etc. They do intricate, tedious work with sharp instruments, cutting their little fingers, and their eyes becoming tired.  Please think about where those cheap trinkets come from before purchasing.

“Unlicensed, Uninsured and Unprotected” was the fruit of research in child labour in Europe.  Apparently, the minimum age to work has dropped, making it permissible to hire teenagers who may be given the most uninteresting, tedious work. They are also often exploited as they don’t know their rights.

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Morning Meseta -Exhibition Finalist

Joyful art; original painting; Denise Gracias
Morning Meseta by Denise Gracias – Finalist in “Skies” Sep/19 Exhibition by FusionArt

Morning Meseta is a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Skies Exhibition by FusionArt

I am pleased to say that “Morning Meseta” was a Finalist in the 3rd Annual Skies Exhibition by FusionArt Gallery.

This painting was inspired by a photo I took in the El Camino. I was in awe at the separation between sky and land in the horizon. 


See the Youtube video with all the finalists.  Find the “Skies” Exhibition – September 2019 and watch the Youtube video.  (Morning Meseta is at the 4:32 minute mark). However, all the paintings are quite magnificent (in my opinion)).

Fusionarts – Archives

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